4 Carpet Cleaning Facts You Should Know

It’s been a long time since you last got your carpets cleaned. Are you planning to get it done sometime soon? Before you call your trusty carpet cleaning company in NY, look into the following list of things to understand how they function and what all they should deliver.

1. Pre-Vacuum
No matter which carpet and upholstery cleaning company you hire in New York, they will and should always start with a pre-vacuum procedure. The primary reason for this is that all kinds of dry soil, dust and dirt when come in contact with oil or moisture get turned into mud. This happens very often during the cleaning process as well and thus it becomes very difficult to clean the whole thing thoroughly because mud is heavier than dry soil. This means that a thorough pre-vacuum is in order and if your cleaning company doesn’t do that, time to call someone who does.

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2. Specialized Stain Removal
Yes, that’s something that your carpet cleaning company should offer you too. Ask them what their cleaning procedure is for stubborn stains that contain dyes and tannins, and acids or caustics in large quantities. These are some stains that may not come out during a general cleaning process and thus will require specialized treatment.

3. Cleaning Warranty
Yes, a dependable and reputed carpet cleaning company will always be legally required to warrant the cleaning results. In case you find their workmanship unsatisfactory or if you are not happy with the cleaning service provided by them, you can call them again and they would re-clean your rugs, upholstery and carpets free of charge. Most reputed carpet cleaning in NYC offer such services.

4. Stain Protection
If you think that regular carpet cleaning removes the stain protection applied to your rugs, carpets and other fabrics by either the manufacturer or the carpet cleaner, you are wrong. The biggest reason for your carpet’s stain-protection coating breaking down is to wear and tear over time. Some companies may also suggest you apply a carpet protector to the heavy traffic areas on your carpet. In the end, carpets that are cleaned on a regular basis last longer and retain their sheen and original color for long.

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  3. I really need to get my carpet cleaning done, and so I’m glad that you mentioned getting a warranty. However, there are so many different ways to get a carpet dirty. Are there any types of messes that would make a warranty void?

  4. I’ve always found Carpet Cleaning NYC to be honest, helpful, reliable, friendly, effective, and reasonably priced. Definitely recommend!

  5. I’m glad that I ran into this article. I’ve been wondering why it takes so long for my carpet to be cleaned, and I guess that’s because they provide me with superb service and a quality output. I can be at ease that, though the carpet cleaning service is expensive, I am guaranteed that my carpet will be clean and will last longer. Thank you NYC!

  6. I was thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning service to have our home cleaned as we were out of our home for quite a while. Knowing that a pre-vacuum can help in removing any kind of dry soil in my carpet before it combines with oil or moisture and becomes mud as you have mentioned is something I would be keen on doing as a way to maintain our carpet’s beauty after they finished cleaning it. That should help me keep our home’s carpet clean for quite a while until we leave again for a month-long vacation. Thanks!

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