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Debunking Common Myths about Rug Cleaning in NYC

A rug can bring beauty to any house, and with appropriate care and cleaning, it can last for decades. Unfortunately, many people are uninformed about rug cleaning in NYC. And as a result, their rugs tend to dull in color and wear out faster. So, in this article, We are going to bust some common myths about rug cleaning.

Common Myths about Rug Cleaning in NYC


  • Vacuuming too frequently will cause the rug to wear out faster.


Rugs were not previously manufactured to be as long-lasting as they are now. Because of the density and length of the rug fibers, older rugs wear and tear much faster with frequent vacuuming. 

However, modern rugs are specifically designed to survive frequent cleaning. Even if you vacuum your rug every day, as many people do, your rug will withstand it. 

So, when vacuuming, use a vacuum cleaner that is in good working order to protect your rug. The brush roller should be completely operational, moving on its axis as the hover is moved back and forth.


  • If rug isn’t very old, it doesn’t require cleaning.


When most people refer to their rug as “new,” it is usually a few years old. The rug is meant to conceal soil, so even though it appears clean. 

But it is frequently not. In fact, by the time the dirt is visible, most of the damage has already been done. Therefore, you should have your rug cleaned by the best rug cleaners in NYC every 6 to 12 months. Also, you should not wait more than 18 months between expert cleanings.


  • Baking soda is a powerful rug cleaner.


Many homeowners sprinkle baking soda on their rugs to clean them and remove odors. While baking soda absorbs some things, dusting it on the surface of your rug fibers does little more than provide temporary relief. 

However, it will not clean your rug. It may temporarily conceal unpleasant odors, but the odors will return after some days. So, you should hire the best rug cleaners in NYC to clean your rugs. Because it is the only way that will completely deeply clean your rugs.


  • Having rented machines works similarly to professionals.


Rental machines will remove some dirt from your rugs and rugs. And your rugs may even appear cleaner, but they rarely remove all the dirt. As a result, the clean appearance will not last. 

So, the best rug cleaners in NYC not only have better supplies and equipment but they are also taught to use that equipment to its full potential. Therefore, if you regularly hire professionals for rug cleaning in NY, you will always have cleaner rugs.


  • Store-brand rug cleaners can remove rug stains.


Rugs today are created from a wide range of materials. If you check the rugs manufacturer’s guidelines, you’ll notice that the majority of them do not encourage putting store-brand cleaner on the rug. Because this may permanently damage or discolor your rug fibers, causing the stain to stand out even more. 

So, it is critical to understand what type of rug is installed in your home so that you are aware of its materials. When you contact the best rug cleaners in NYC to remove the stains, they will treat the stain swiftly and efficiently. And they don’t cause any damage to your rug in the process of rug cleaning in NYC.


  • Mildew develops on rugs after steam cleaning.


Steam cleaning rug involves the use of hot steam rather than water. If you go to the grocery store and hire a professional for your rugs, the machine is unlikely to be in good operating order. 

Furthermore, steam cleaning necessitates specialized training. If you spend too much time in one place, for example, you may soak your rug. 

The machine used for professional rug steam cleaning is of the highest quality. The operator understands how to steam clean your rug without oversaturating it. Finally, allowing your rug to dry completely after a steam cleaning will prevent mildew growth.


Proper rug cleaning in NYC is very important for your rugs and their life, and ignoring the myths about it is similarly important. So, by dispelling these beliefs, we guarantee that your rugs are properly cared for, increasing their longevity and attractiveness in your home.

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