The Most Intelligent Way To Get Rid Of Recurring Stains In Your Carpet

The most reputable Carpet cleaning NYC professionals understand that your heart practically aches and pains when you see someone spill something on your carpet. Your carpets and rugs are your precious possessions and you have invested a lot in them both in terms of money and emotions. And the worst thing that you can imagine happening to them is somebody or something causing them any kind of harm in any way. Whether it is a spill or a cut or a tear that threatens to damage the look and feel of the carpet, you just get on your toes and begin to find ways to stop the damage right there on the spot. This is a good thing but there are stains that keep on appearing again and again and you find it incredibly difficult to deal with them.

Dealing With Recurring Saints

Recurring stains are also called reappearing stains which usually are very much deeper than the superficial stains that you find very easy to get rid of. Recurring or reappearing stains happen when the spill on the carpet or rug is not taken care of or removed on time. The spill, whether it is a wine or juice or gravy or chocolate or any stain for that matter, gets absorbed and stuck into the fibers of the carpet quite deeply. This is what results in the stain to reappear in the same spot again and again over a period of time even after you have cleaned it from your side.

Is Prevention The Key?

A lot of carpet cleaning NYC professionals would recommend that you just don’t let any spills happen in your place. Well, this is not something that is entirely possible but we can always be more careful when treading across our carpets. Other than this, you can also prevent the spill from becoming a bigger problem than it actually is. The trick is to act on time and prevent the spill from soaking deep into the carpet fibers. You can use a few paper towels or a clean cotton towel to soak in the entire spill or liquid from the fibers before it gets time to sleep deeper into the backing of the material.

You can use a stack of heavy books or some kind of weight to put more pressure on the cotton towel or paper towels so that the spill or liquid is easily absorbed into the cloth. If you think that the stain has gotten a bit deeper into the fibers, you may spray a bit of lukewarm water to dilute the stain further without spreading it around and then repeat the process. You will be able to absorb a lot of the spill in that cotton cloth and should be able to prevent soiling and wicking of your carpets as well.

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