Pet Stains & Odor Removal

If you have a pet, then stains, spots and odor issue is very common for you, as they can make your upholstered furniture and carpet smelly. For you, getting rid of pet stain and odors is not so easy, unless you hire a professional service. Well, Carpet Cleaning NYC can help you. We offer you some magnificent services that clean all sturdy spots from your carpet and upholstery items with organic products.

Do you know that your carpet or rug can severely get damaged, due to pets? Yes! Pet’s urine contains a high level of ammonia that is not good for your carpet’s health. It can weaken the fabric of the carpet. Our experts are aware of this fact. So, they deal with all accidents of pets and make your belongings neat and clean. Within a small amount, you can get an awesome and luxurious carpet cleaning service. This service can enhance the life of your carpet and upholstered furniture.

Giving a marvelous and exciting look to your home is everyone’s demand and we offer it to you at competitive prices. It is our espousal that you no need to face any stinky smell. The use of our organic products in cleaning your damaged carpet, rug and other upholstery items will fill up your home with an aroma.

At Carpet Cleaning NYC, we give priority to your health and we tried our best to fulfill it. Here, your cleaning needs are essential and we work according to them.

Can Carpet Cleaning Nyc Remove All Pet Stains?

Obviously, pet stains and odor affects the quality of home air and lead to many harmful health hazards. At Carpet Cleaning NYC, the experts are capable of dealing with pet accidents making your belongings neat and clean. Also, they take health as a priority and execute the cleaning process at competitive pricing.  

Does Carpet Cleaning NYC Offer Organic Cleaning Solutions For Pet Stains?

No matter your carpets have pet stains, spots, or any odor hassle, the pros at Carpet Cleaning NYC can remove all those pesky and sturdy spots further filling your home with an aroma. They make use of organic natural fruit extraction solution that can eliminate all the carpet hassles retaining the shine and freshness of the carpets.


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So we rented an apartment in New York City to visit family and somehow we managed to destroy the carpet. Struggling to find a solution we Yelped Carpet Cleaners and came across Carpet Cleaning NYC Inc. After reading the reviews they seemed like the perfect match for what we needed. We called and set up an appointment for the very next day, the staff was great, well informed and professional. They did their job, didn’t bother and left promptly after the work was done.
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