Upholstery Cleaning services

Either you have pets, host friends or family, you are familiar with the situation that your upholstered furniture is getting a workout. Dirt, germs, spots, and imperfections can’t be kept away from. Even, in homes, up to 80% of dirt brought into your home could wind up in your upholstered clothes and furniture. You have to acknowledge the fact that your furniture will be grimy.

So, let Carpet Cleaning NYC give you a reviving upholstery cleaning that expands the life of your furniture and is better and safe for children and pets. Our remarkable upholstery cleaning offers a professional upholstery cleaner to refresh and clean your furniture. This will bring new life to your living space. Our cleaning process is quick and simple. Once it is complete, your lavish furniture will be dry quickly, so that you and your family can use it as soon as possible.

With strong and deep cleaning, we can clean your upholstered fabric. We are concerned about your fabric, that’s why just gentle cleaning is offered by us to prevent your furniture from multiple damages. Additionally, we offer you multiple attractive cleaning packages that can help you in preventing your home from daily routine stains, unhealthy allergens, severe pollens and much more.

Our this service is available for all kinds of furniture such as beds, mattresses and so on. Therefore, contact us today and take the benefit of our attractive packages and offers.

What Type Of Upholstery Do You Clean?

Upholstery cleaning services are crucial to expand the longevity of your furniture. 

At Soho Rug Cleaners, you can explore the quality upholstery cleaning services that include cleaning of all furniture types – beds, mattresses, linens, rugs, and more.

I Have A Wine Stain On My Couch What Should I Do?

Don’t know how to remove wine stains from the couch?

Take a small white cloth and blot it on the couch where wine is spilled. But ensure you do not rub the cloth as it will only spread the stain instead of removing it. Also, look if your carpet fabric is washable and if it falls under dry-clean item then take it to cleaner as soon as possible. 

If I Have A Stain On My Upholstery And I Waited With Cleaning Will It Get Worse?

The stains or spills on upholstery like sofa and couches can be embarrassing and ugly at the same time. However, it is very much important to treat such hassles immediately but if you have waited for cleaning experts then you will surely get rid of the stains. Professional cleaners will make use of green and effective cleaning products that will clean your upholstery without making the stains worse.

How Often Should I Clean My Upholstery?

Routine cleaning of upholstery is vital to keep your belongings safe from any mites and allergens. So, ensure you clean your upholstery once a week and if you have kids or pets at home then go with twice a week cleaning. For prioritizing a healthy living, get your upholstery cleaned by professionals every year. 

You can also hire the expert cleaners of Soho Rug Cleaners for your rugs, upholstery, and carpet cleaning!


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