Upper East Side Rug Cleaning Services

Are you located in the Upper East Side, NYC and in search of effective and top-notch rug cleaning services?

Carpet Cleaning NYC is the right place where you can find affordable cleaning services with premium quality services for sofas, drape area, water damage rug areas, and more.

Being an eco-friendly company, our staff only use nature-friendly rug cleaning products keeping the health of you and your family members in mind. No harsh cleaning products or chemicals are used that can lead to hazardous health hassles. Also, it is advised to get the rugs professionally cleaned twice a year to avoid the accumulation of dust mites and save yourself from any additional expenses.

Why Choose Us?

  • The Procedures are capable of drying the carpets faster
  • Skilled, Professional, and Highly-Qualified Staff
  • No Use Chemical-based and health-hazardous cleaning products
  • Same Day Services

Services Carpet Cleaning NYC Has To Offer In Upper East Side

Rug Cleaning At Carpet Cleaning NYC

Rugs are recommended to be vacuumed every time and the reason is all rugs are made up of distinct fabrics that require utmost care and safety. Regular vacuuming of rugs can ruin the carpet fibers and could damage them to worse if regular maintenance is not provided.

Here, the team of qualified and expert pros at Carpet Cleaning NYC knows how to clean every rug no matter what is the fabric type. All the experts are well-knowledgeable about how to clean the wine stains, food spills, and rug spots to keep them squeaky clean, clear, and blemishes-free.

Cleaning Solutions

Our rug cleaning services are effective and dry cleaning procedure helps in maintaining rug fibers leaving them fresh and vibrant. We also have a large selection of rug treatments no matter you are dealing with dumping coffee, food spills or other hassles.

We also offer powerful pet hair and odor removal services to keep your home environment healthy and your rugs vibrant and eye-catching all the time. So experience best services of rug cleaning in Upper East Side NYC – every procedure from dry cleaning, shampooing, steam cleaning to upholstery rug cleaning.

Pet Stains & Odor Removal

Everybody loves pets but what about the mess created by them. The pet accidents cause stains on carpets and floors that look dingy and dirty only. So, let our specialized technicians take care of your carpets for you. We provide special pet stain removal treatment that not only removes the stains, residues but also focuses on odor removal so you can enjoy with your pets along with achieving clean and healthy carpets.

Our carpet cleaning services include the Zip codes in Upper East Side, NYC:
(10021, 10028, 10044, 10065, 10075, 10128)


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So we rented an apartment in New York City to visit family and somehow we managed to destroy the carpet. Struggling to find a solution we Yelped Carpet Cleaners and came across Carpet Cleaning NYC Inc. After reading the reviews they seemed like the perfect match for what we needed. We called and set up an appointment for the very next day, the staff was great, well informed and professional. They did their job, didn’t bother and left promptly after the work was done.
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